As a Photographer, I've shot a wide variety of events, sports, productions, parties and more recently, weddings. I specialise in shooting in low-light environments, and I like to shoot in a documentary style, which suits a lot of my clients. It's my belief that for the most part I shouldn't have an effect on what I'm taking photos of, but rather let the day run and capture candid moments as they present themselves. 
Simon and Jennifer's wedding (Left), Bestival 2016 (Centre), Hampton Court Palace Christmas Music Weekend 2017 (Right)
In the audio world, I'm a sound engineer with over 10 years of experience, currently working mostly as a FOH systems engineer for a variety of local rental companies. I'm a qualified L'Acoustics System Technician (ST) and have a good amount of experience with all of their current systems. 
Tom Odell in Locarno 2017 (Left), Crystal Palace Fireworks 2017 (Centre), The Darkness in Southampton Guildhall 2017 (Right)
For more information about my audio work, or to see my photography portfolio, please use the links here or at the top of the page.